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Prescription Ski Goggles

Do you know that when you are already prescribed to use glasses and you wear non-prescription skiing goggles your vision can be impaired acuity? Prescription ski goggles allow you to enjoy your time while you ski because you get a crystal clear vision!
Purchase prescription ski glasses from EyeBuy123 USA, an online retailer of high-quality and reasonably priced safety glasses. These skiing goggles protect your eyes and offer you a trendy look while you're out on the slopes skiing. When you know that your eyes are protected, you can make the most of the picturesque view and the mountain weather!
Explore a wide range of skiing glasses and goggles at EyeBuy123 USA. These glasses are available in a variety of amazing styles to choose from. So, choose a design that suits you today!

Prescription Ski Goggles FAQs

What is the purpose of wearing prescription ski goggles?

Many individuals wear glasses. It is also recommended to wear them on the ski slopes. Skiing requires good eyesight for reducing the danger of injury. Prescription snowboard goggles are also needed to prevent the light reflected from the snow from harming your eyes.

Where can I get a prescription for my prescription ski goggles?

We need your most recent optical prescription when buying prescription ski goggles from EyeBuy123 USA. If you don’t have a prescription or aren't sure which strengths you need, we suggest that you acquire a fresh prescription from your ophthalmologist or optician. This way, you can be certain that you will be able to use your Prescription snowboard goggles with good clarity.

Which colour lens should I choose for my prescription skiing goggles?

Because snow is very bright, it is difficult to discern variations in texture with the naked eye, thus selecting a base lens colour that provides contrast is critical. Brown, rose, copper and orange are examples of contrast hues. A grey base lens is not recommended unless the circumstances are very bright or the wearer is extremely light-sensitive in general. The amount of darkness required in a lens is also determined by the weather.

Should I wear my prescription glasses over my ski goggles?

While there are ski goggles meant to be worn over a pair of prescription eyeglasses (known as OTG or Over The Glasses goggles), they are not the best option. Regardless of the goggle's design, your glasses will be closer to the heat of your face than an insert, and they will not be in the goggle's natural venting. This raises the chance of fogging significantly. We propose our prescription insert, which fits into the goggle's natural venting channel. This insert will be used by default on all prescription ski glasses offered on our website. For cleaning reasons, the insert is simple to remove and replace with the goggle.

How to prevent my prescription ski goggles from fogging up?

No harsh cleansers should be used on any part of the goggle. Fingerprints or greasy areas on the lens allow fog to cling to the lens quicker. The easiest method to clean these lenses and your prescription insert are with running water and a microfiber cleaning cloth. Do not use any cleaning solution on your goggle lenses. Simply wet the lens and wipe it dry with a clean lens towel. It is not necessary to brush or rub the goggle or install lenses.

Can anyone buy prescription ski glasses/goggles?

Yes, anyone can! The issue with prescription ski glasses/goggles is that, unlike regular glasses, ski goggles are curved. Our prescription ski goggles are unusual in this regard since they are built into the inside lens of the ski goggle. This indicates that it will not function with an insert. We address this curvature by using a 3D-shaped holder that pulls the optical glasses closer to the eye while simultaneously making them stand straight in relation to the eyes.

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